Firmly Anchored in the US: IKT Telemark NACC’s newest member

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Fruitful Business Relationships

The partnership between NACC and IKT Telemark has been going on for eighteen months, and has now been formalized through IKT Telemark’s membership in NACC.

Ole & IKT Telemark


President of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce – Upper Midwest Chapter (NACC – UMC) Ole Koppang (left) welcomes IKT Telemark as a member. He remarks, “Telemark’s ambitious attitude toward the Midwest is welcomed in the local business environment.”


The collaboration enabled a successful IKT Telemark delegation travel to Minneapolis in December 2015. Several of IKT Telemark’s members have major opportunities in the US market; five of them are working concretely towards the Minneapolis area. Ole Koppang and his team share networks and help open doors at the highest levels. In this way, IKT Telemark’s member organizations are quickly introduced to important contacts. Through their visit this past December IKT Telemark has established contact with potential customers, partners, and investors in the Midwest.

Risk Relief

IKT Telemark is developing its member services in cooperation with local partners, to provide members organizations with solid contacts in the early stages of business development in the US. A membership in NACC is one of the cornerstones of this initiative.

Bridging the Atlantic

The involvement and contacts in the Midwest builds on the work that Telemark County Council does under the program “Bridging the Atlantic.” Partnerships between Telemark and North Dakota and Minnesota are anchored at a political level and consist of the following priority areas: nutrition, education, and culture. The Telemark region has through this work developed a wide and strong foundation in the Midwest, not least through collaboration with Norway House in Minneapolis.

Resources in the Midwest:

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