Devico Makes Mining Connections


Devico ( – Melhus-based developer of high-tech well-location systems had struggled to get leads from Innovation Norway. The CEO then contacted the Honorary Consulate in Minneapolis, who put him in touch with NACC board members, who—during a 48-hour visit—helped establish his company in the United States, connect him with banking relationships, and the mining sector in Northern Minnesota.

Erlend Olsø, CEO, Devico AS: “Devico is a Norwegian company that provides advanced tools and services internationally for surveying boreholes and performing directional core drilling (DCD) for the mining and geotechnical sectors around the world. NACC Upper Midwest Chapter provided an invaluable service for Devico when we were establishing a local USA branch. They responded quickly to our request for assistance/information, suggested local companies we could work with to facilitate the process, and has since also helped us set up meetings with customers and local decision makers. Their responsiveness and willingness to help far supersedes the response from Innovation Norway. It is also worth mentioning that the general friendliness towards Norwegian Companies in the Minnesota region also is a large plus.”

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